About Me
The Digital Alchemist

Artist. Developer. Creator. Teacher.
I am a Storyteller. It’s at the very core of everything I do.
Everything I put my energy into is to tell a story of some kind, be it art, code, or even cooking. My specialty is in art and development for Real Time Interactive applications. Games and simulations, desktop and virtual reality. I have worked on projects meant for fun an entertainment, as well as Enterprise projects used for training and marketing purposes.

On the Visual side, I work primarily as 3D Environment Artist and level designer. I spend a lot of time taking
environments from Maya to Unreal Engine 4. Modeling, texturing, and arranging.

As a Developer, I spend much of my day in Unreal Engine 4, prototyping in Blueprint and developing performance intensive features in C++. On top of all that, I also do some mobile development for Android and iOS while maintaining proficiency in the latest Javascript frameworks.

3D Artist
3D Modeling and Texturing for environments and props.
Maya | Photoshop | Quixel | Substance
Using Unreal Engine 4 to build games and experiences.
Level Design | Materials & FX | Technical Art | Blueprint | C++
Coding for game mechanics in Unreal Engine and for mobile development.
C++ | C# .NET | ES6 Javascript | Typescript