About Me
The Digital Alchemist

John Waynick | Irvine, CA
Artist. Creator. Teacher.

I am a Storyteller. It’s at the very core of everything I do.
Everything I put my energy into is to tell a story of some kind, be it art, code, or even cooking. My specialty is in art and development for Real Time Interactive applications. Games and simulations, desktop and virtual reality. I have worked on projects meant for fun an entertainment, as well as Enterprise projects used for training and marketing purposes.

On the Visual side, I work primarily as 3D Environment Artist. I spend a lot of time taking
environments from Maya to Unreal Engine 4. Modeling, texturing, arranging, and lighting.

On the Tech side, I spend a lot of time in Unreal Engine 4, prototyping in Blueprint and developing performance intensive features in C++.  This also relates to the visual aspect as I usually like to take my environments to the next level with interactive features.

At the end of the day, I like to share my knowledge and experiences with others. This is why I like to dedicate much of my time to teaching others how they can tell their own stories with their art and development.

3D Artist
3D Modeling and Texturing for environments and props.
Maya | ZBrush | Substance | Photoshop | Quixel
Using Unreal Engine 4 to build games and experiences.
Environments | Materials & FX | Technical Art | Blueprint | C++
Sharing knowledge and experience with students.
3D Art | Environment Art | Unreal Engine | Game Design